COVID vaccination: my opinion

I get asked what I think about the covid-19 vaccination and vaccinations in general quite a lot and like I tell everyone: It doesn’t matter what my opinion is, it matters how you feel and how informed you are to make your decision.

There is a lot of fear around the covid-19 vaccination especially and I can understand why. It has been approved much faster than vaccinations would normally and so the safety has been thrown into question by many Australians.

What I think is important is to understand that there are a number of available vaccinations for covid-19 and their ingredients and the way they work is quite different. Some are using DNA sequenced from the covid-19 virus, some use modified viruses similar to covid-19, and some are using lab-made proteins based on the covid-19 virus.

They each act differently in the body and so have different pros and cons. My first piece of advice would be to find out which one is available to you and what those pros and cons are from your practitioner.

If you decide to go ahead with the vaccination, help your body prepare for an immune response. For those of us who have stronger immune systems (17-65 yrs) we are more likely to have a reaction to the vaccination because our immune systems are mounting a much stronger defence to this new substance.

Probiotics and certain nutrients may assist with minimising your risk of having a reaction but it’s also important to be gentle with your body after having any vaccination. Your immune system is working super hard, especially for the 48 hours following, to do its job of locating, identifying and processing this new substance.

Rest, drink lots of water and don’t have any big plans for intensive exercise or a late night out. Most of us have had vaccinations throughout our life and been fine, whereas some of us have had quite profound reactions either immediately or over the long term.

Try not to let fear guide you in either direction. Other people’s opinions should not influence your health. The decision needs to be personal and individual.

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