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Foods to avoid if you have an autoimmune condition

Autoimmune conditions contribute to a degree of inflammation in the body and there are certain foods that further increase that inflammation. ⁠

If you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, I suggest avoiding or greatly minimising your consumption of these foods:⁠

🍞 Gluten and for some people all grains⁠

🥛 Cow's dairy⁠

🧁 Refined sugar ⁠

🍟 Vegetable oils ⁠

🍭 Food additives, colourings and preservatives⁠

🍷 Alcohol ⁠

Sorry, I know this seems like all the "fun stuff" is a no no but if you can give this a really good crack, you will absolutely be doing your body a world of good. ⁠

A healthy diet is made up of whole real foods, meaning foods that have not changed from when they were plucked from the earth/sea and arrived on your plate. ⁠

If you would like coaching or support with your diet I highly recommend speaking with a qualified naturopath or nutritionist rather than googling or following the latest influencer diet. ⁠

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