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Herbal Medicine for Sleep

The combination of these five herbs has been one of my greatest discoveries during isolation.

I’ve always been pretty lucky with my sleep. Yes I have my off days or weeks but I’m usually able to fall into a slumber fairly quickly and remain asleep until morning time.

BUT during the current covid19 changes I’ve found it harder to fall and stay asleep more often than not, until...






... these beauties not only help to bring on those sweet zzz’s but they also reduce anxiety, tension and that wired but tired feeling so many of us are experiencing lately.

It’s hard to switch from work mode to relax mode when you’ve only taken 2 steps from your desk to your couch but sleep is, in my opinion, the most important driver of health.

Studies have shown that poor quality sleep impacts immune function, memory, stress, heart health and can cause gene distortions! Good quality sleep enhances creativity, mood, energy levels and overall body health.

If you want some help please reach out! I know there seems to be a light at the end of tunnel with restrictions easing but our bodies need us now.

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