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Is it really PCOS?

I see a lot of women who have been told they have PCOS because of an ultrasound they had many years ago that found multiple “cysts” on their ovaries.

But guys, these “cysts” are usually your follicles, which are meant to be there!

For this reason, ultrasounds are no longer used to diagnose PCOS.

PCOS, is a collection of signs from the body due to an excess of androgens. This results in irregular periods along with acne, male pattern hair growth (mustache, chin, jawline) and/or thinning of head hair.

To find out if you have PCOS you must have your androgens and female sex hormones tested. As a large portion of women with PCOS have insulin resistance, having metabolic markers such as insulin, blood glucose and cholesterol is also recommended.

For a true PCOS diagnosis we must have elevated androgens + signs/symptoms. Not one or the other.

PCOS can also be temporary such as when first coming off the pill while waiting for female sex hormones to rise again. This usually peaks during the 6 months after coming off the pill but will resolve naturally or with the help of some gentle herbal and nutritional support.

If you have been struggling with irregular periods or were told you have PCOS speak to a natural health practitioner who can help guide you through this confusing space because you might not have PCOS afterall!

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