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Hello Autumn

Autumn represents a shift in energy, a slowing down, a shedding. Summer was

all about action and achieving but in Autumn we aren’t quite yet into Winter’s

hibernating and still energy. Instead Autumn should be a time of preparing and

planning. A battening down of the hatches if you will.

An old Scandinavian quote says “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad

clothes”. This teaches us that we should not value seasons of the year (or our life)

more than others, we should instead prepare for change and accept what is.

For all the women out there, Autumn represents the last week of your menstrual

cycle before your bleed arrives. You may notice an internal shift towards going

inwards, you may feel things more deeply and you may feel a greater need to

attend to self-care rituals.

From an Ayurvedic perspective it represents a shift in our dietary needs to

include more warming foods such as soups and stews and moving away from

anything raw: salads, smoothies and cold drinks. We want to cultivate warmth

and internal fire to get us through the colder months.

It’s a little hard to notice seasonal shifts with supermarkets offering fruits and

vegetables at all times of the year but you may like to learn about what is in

season and the produce that Autumn welcomes in. Pumpkin, celery, brussell

sprouts, eggplant, quince, apples and cranberries are all at their peak for an

Autumn harvest.

It is also a great time to work on your immune system in preparation for the

coming “flu season” by ensuring you are consuming appropriate nutrition,

particularly Vitamins C & D, and zinc. You may also like to incorporate more

rest, herbal medicine or warm baths into your routine. We are not separate from

nature and so ebbing and flowing with the natural cycles of the Earth is

important for feeling balanced and well.

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