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Milk Alternatives

Being told to cut out dairy can be overwhelming when you're not sure what to replace it with so here is a breakdown of some of the options you can choose when making the switch.

Hemp Milk:

+ high in protein

+ good nutrient profile

+ environmentally sustainable

- harder to find

+/- nutty/earthy taste

- can be expensive ($7 per bottle)

Almond Milk:

+ small protein content

- not great for the environment

- often has a lot of thickeners and additives

- can be inflammatory for people with nut sensitivities or who are autoimmune

+ tastes quite mild

+ affordable price ($4 per bottle)

Rice Milk:

+ generally a safe milk for allergies

- low protein and fats

+ environmentally sustainable

- has often got a lot of additives

+/- tastes quite sweet

+ affordable price ($2 per bottle)

Coconut Milk:

- low protein

+ high in healthy saturated fats (but you do not want to over-consume)

- canned options often have BPA (toxin) lining

+ taste is mild-sweet

+ affordable price ($2 per bottle)

Oat Milk:

- low protein

+/- no fat content

- not recommended for anyone with gluten sensitivity

+/- oaty taste

+/- mid-range price ($5 per bottle)

Soy Milk:

+ good protein content

- not suggested for anyone with hormonal imbalances

- often has a lot of additives and thickeners

- most soy beans are genetically modified

- very unsustainable environmentally

+/- mid-range price ($5 per bottle)

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