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Herbal Tea

Tea is a really amazing way to incorporate herbal medicine into your daily routine. Not only is it a warm treat during these winter months but it also counts in your water intake and can be a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Herbal tea is also great for those sensitive souls that find liquid extracts and tinctures too strong or stimulating.

Some of my favourites are peppermint and licorice after dinner for a sweet and soothing digestive, chamomile, oats and lavender in the evening to help promote relaxation and rest, and elderberries, thyme and echinacea during cold and flu season.

Mixing your own herbal tea is a fun way to experiment with flavours and find something that you like or there are some awesome pre-made mixes out there in both loose leaf and bags. Try to choose tea bags that are unbleached and pick organic herbs.

Don't forget that most black and green teas contain caffeine so drinking multiple cups of day is not recommended but go for gold with uncaffeinated options!

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