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Tulsi // Holy Basil

This plant which is indigenous to India has been deemed holy and is sometimes referred to as Krishna Tulsi because of its powerful and varied health benefits making it a sacred plant in Hindu culture.

Tulsi works on the immune system by decreasing inflammation and activating cells that fight off infection. Clinical trials have found that daily intake over a number of weeks improved symptoms and quickened recovery in people with acute viruses, including hepatitis. Prof. Kerry Bone also presented some research which showed the preventative potential of Tulsi, particularly in children.

Along with its immune benefits there are also a large number of studies that have found Tulsi to have a beneficial impact on metabolic disorders by decreasing fasting glucose, lipids and blood pressure. This seemingly wonder plant can also be used for a memory boost and has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety.

It is best to work with a qualified herbalist or naturopath if you are interested in the therapeutic effects of Tulsi to ensure you are getting the accurate dose and quality of herb necessary. Or you can consume this beautiful plant daily as an organic tea!

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