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Understanding The Pill

During the 1960s when The Pill was first released, women were finally able to take control of their sexual freedom without the risks of falling pregnant. Having a female-operated contraception meant that we no longer relied on men for this important task and could feel safer to explore our sexuality.

Since The Pill's initial release date we have sent humans to the moon, invented the mobile phone and the internet, welcomed the first IVF babies and witnessed the first successful heart, liver and face transplants... and yet, The Pill is basically the same as it was 60 years ago. Wouldn't you think with all these technological advances, the medical community could have come up with something, well, better?

Did you know that The Pill is not hormones, it is a drug. The "hormones" in The Pill are synthetic and quite different to the natural hormones that our body produces.

Did you also know that the "period" you experience on The Pill is not actually a period. It is a withdrawal bleed from these synthetic "hormones". The Pill was made with absolutely no reason for having this withdrawal bleed. A monthly pill packet is a marketing design to make you feel like you are still menstruating.

And did you know that research suggests it takes your body around 8-12 years from your first bleed to develop a mature menstrual cycle. If you go on the pill before this 8-12 years, the maturation process is halted. Later down the track when you come off, maybe to conceive, and wonder why your cycle is all over the place, it is because your cycle is still developing.

For most people (with some exceptions) The Pill may not be your best option. Whether you're taking it for skin, pain, contraception, irregular cycles or something else, there are MANY different avenues to explore. I'm really passionate about educating women about their bodies so please reach out to me if you would like to have a consultation and explore what some of these other options are.

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