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Where does our food come from?

Living in 2019 makes accessing food for most of us quite easy. We feel like something specific, we walk down to our local grocery store and they are more than likely going to have it sitting there on the shelf for us to purchase.

Gone are the days where we only eat fruits and vegetables at certain times of the year or pickle and preserve our food for reasons other than flavour. While there are pros and cons to having year-round access to our favourite foods, there is definitely a sense of disassociation with the growing and harvesting processes involved.

Looking at these photos, did you know that this is how some of our most delicious and nutrient-dense foods are before they end up as finished products on our shelf or in our meals?

Cashews grow out of little fruits off trees, quinoa are the seeds of these fluffy long stalks and turmeric is dug up from underneath this beautiful flowering. Let’s start appreciating the wonder of nature and all that it provides for us. Be inquisitive with your food.

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