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Why it's important to have a health care team

We used to live in more tribal group communities but over the years into modern life we have become more and more separated. ⁠

This is not such a bad thing as we are able to live wherever we want, access resources we may have otherwise been restricted from and have met people we never would have come across. ⁠

When it comes to our health though, having a team is vital. We cannot rely on one person or Dr Google for all the answers! ⁠

The benefits of having a team are:⁠

- Different opinions, knowledge and lineages⁠

- A variety of tools for healing⁠

- Feeling more connected to community ⁠

- Collective clinical and personal experience

- Collaborative care (if you're lucky) ⁠

I'm a huge fan of my patients expanding their health horizons and seeing a variety of practitioners for support and I often refer to other modalities. ⁠

One person can't know it all! To get your started, I recommend exploring these three modalities (along with finding a great naturopath, GP and dentist).


What a valuable tool to use as part of your healing journey! ⁠There is so much amazing research being conducted on the benefits of using acupuncture for conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis - I can't wait to read the findings! ⁠

But besides these two, acupuncture can be used for:⁠

- Muscle soreness and injuries⁠

- Menopausal symptoms⁠

- Regulating menstrual cycles⁠

- Gut health⁠

- Relaxation and stress support⁠

- Migraine⁠s

- Acne⁠

That list is not exclusive either. ⁠Working on Traditional Chinese meridians, acupuncture works on our energetic channels within the body - a truly complementary modality for naturopathy. ⁠

If you're in Sydney I recommend The Dao Health (Paddington and Caringbah) and if you're in Central Coast I recommend Eunoia (Erina).


⁠In a time where there is some collective fear around even standing near people, many of us are truly deprived of touch from others. ⁠Massage is a safe and wonderful tool to use that can help you drop into your body and really support the physical aspects of yourself.

There are so many different types of massage out there for all kinds of needs. ⁠Remedial for injuries or specific concerns. Swedish or relaxation for well, yes, relaxation. Lomi Lomi and Kahuna for energetic work. Hot stones for just blissing out. ⁠

Many years ago I did a basic massage course and it was so valuable for me to understand the body and the power of physical touch. ⁠⁠If you haven't had a massage before or do go often, I highly recommend making a massage therapist part of your health care team.


This one, to me, is a no brainer for everyone. ⁠Taking care of your body is a really important aspect to healing but where I see the real change is when my patients also begin their inner work with the guidance of a qualified therapist. ⁠

With less than 5% of all diseases being truly genetically inheritable, the rest are influenced by our environment. An environment that might have been unfair or out of our control. ⁠Changing habits, patterns of behaviour and beliefs can be really difficult. But having the support to access your feelings, your past and your roadblocks can be life changing on the road to recovery.⁠

Just like finding the right naturopath can take time, finding the right acupuncturist, massage therapist or counsellor might take a couple of goes. It's important to find a practitioner that you feel safe with and held as this is where the true healing begins.

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