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In Chinese philosophy the term Yin and Yang explains the necessity for balance and the dualism found in all aspects of life.

Yin refers to the feminine, cold, darkness, the moon, stillness and silence. Yang refers to the masculine, heat, light, the sun, movement and sound.

Using this concept we can understand that Winter is Yin. The time in our year where we can slow down, go inwards and appreciate this shift away from action and intensity.

Colloquially many people refer to Winter as their hibernation and that is because it feels so natural to go into the Yin and the behaviours associated. Rather than booking out your social calendar every weekend and busying yourself with tasks, try listening to your body and give it the down time that it needs.

I know we have all been stuck inside and away from our usual activities due to the current covid-19 situation and it is tempting to go out and get busy but following the patterns of nature is the best was we can nourish ourselves.

Some of the most beneficial self-care activities to explore during Winter/Yin include:

  • Yin yoga: a slower, deeper form of yoga predominantly practiced on the floor

  • Meditation: this can include seated and also laying down in your warm bed

  • Baths and self massage with warm oils

  • Passive body treatments: acupuncture, facials, massages

  • Reading

  • Rest!! Get to bed early, take a nap, sleep in

By following the ebbs and flows of the seasons we move in harmony with the natural world to feel more aligned, content and connected.

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